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Token Symbol
10% per year dividend for 10 years
Basket price of all PGM'S

PGM Backed Cryptocurrency

MINE plans to offer two STO’s, first a Platinum Group of Metals Token ($PGMT) pegged to the market price of a basket of assets consisting of Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, and Iridium; all assets are held in one STO. The second offering, a platinum and palladium backed stable coin ($MINE), offers a 10% dividend per annum for 10 years. $Mine is pegged to the daily average spot price of platinum and palladium.

The $PGMT & $MINE tokens will be offered together, rolling out in a phased approach. Phase (I) development of two ERC720 security tokens, followed by a launch on the Polymesh Blockchain, with private sales capped at $150MM USD. Phase (II) creation of a platform for dual sale of both tokens and a DEFI platform for lending & borrowing. Phase (III) the public offering launch of $PGMT and $MINE.

Our Mine

Mined, refined and stored in the United States

With over 300 core samples done since 2018, and third party evaluations by top geologists, the New Castle Nevada Mine will produce over $100 Billion USD in precious metals.

Whats Inside:

Platinum | Rohdium | Iridium | Base Metals ( Copper, Nickle, Etc.)

Our NI43-101 Technical Report (seen at the bottom of this page) highlights the benefits of the New Castle Claim

(One of Ten) which has ~23,200,000 gross tons approximately 11,600,000 tons of feed ore (50% of gross mined gravel) that represents a gross indicated resource value for gold and silver of $9 billion.

If all PGMs (Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Iridium) are considered, New Castle may yield approximately $93.5 billion dollars of indicated resources CIRCA 2018 price of PGMs. THIS ESTIMATE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CLAIM’S BASE METALS (COPPER, NICKLE, ETC).

PGMs were included as part of President Trump’s Executive Order 13817 signed on JUNE 4, 2019

Allowing for faster PERMITTING since the US considers PGMs critical to its economic security and national security – expedite permitting for PGM minerals projects. North America only has two producing platinum and palladium mines – Stillwater in Montana and the Lac des Iles mine northwest of

Pricing of PGMS at New Castle

2018 Price/oz
2018 Value
$ 7,742,304,000
$ 1,258,333,200
$ 3,693,672,000
$ 54,120,960,000
$ 12,026,880,000
2020 Value

These estimates are made based on above-industry standard testing and is according to one of two NI43-101 reports that are embeded on this page for viewing purposes.


1,000,000,000,000 Mine tokens minted

1,000,000,000 in asset backing

Phase One:

$150 M Private Round

Phase Two:

$500 M Private Round

Phase Three:

$250 M Final Follow on

Offering common shares to raise $20M to $200M USD – generating Free Cash Flow $15M – 20M to $100M USD.
• IXI shares are based on 2018 market prices of the PGMs representing a ~60 discount off current market prices.
• Valued at over $93.5 Billion USD in 2018 potentially 1 of 5 top producing precious metals mines in USA
• Located in very favorable and stable jurisdiction outside Las Vegas Nevada – NI 43-101 Technical report 2018.
• Placer mine sand and gravel – chemical recovery process – no hard rock mining restraints – no union labor
• Very High producing ~16g/t AU – Platinum ~134.4 g/t – Palladium ~16.24g/t – Rhodium ~44.8g/t – Iridium ~84 g/t
• Upside valuation with inclusion of base metals (Copper, Nickel, Molybdenum, etc)
• Presidential Executive Order 13817 allowing for faster PERMITTING
• Phase I – Proven Phase – early revenue will allow for 6 to 12 months ROI 2x increase – low overhead cost.
• Phase II – Operation Phase – Duration 2021 (10 year) – parallel start of mine 2 thru 10
• Phase III – Initial Public Offering Phase – Target timeframe – December 2020 / February 2021
• FOUR EXIT STRATEGIES Revenue participation, Swaps, Loan repayment interest payment, Buy back, Off-take

Key Advantages

Early stage participation offering solid exit strategies

Some of the key highlighted advantages:

• FASTER PERMITTING DUE TO Executive Order 13817
• Very High producing mine claim, based on extensive geological reports (reference report provided below): ~16g/t AU – Platinum ~134.4 g/t – Palladium ~16.24g/t – Rhodium ~44.8g/t – Iridium ~84 g/t
• Placer mining – no tunneling/hard rock mining, no unions – basic skilled labor and less demand on machinery and the environment
• Chemical extraction process – reducing possibility of theft
• Significant upside to include base metals
• Option to participate in the other adjacent nine mines
• Robust ETF protecting investors against fluctuation in a particular metal due to market trade off factors.
• PGM record high demand due to the automotive industry environmental impact considered clean environment metals
• Phase I – Free Cash Flow of ~$15M – $20M up to $100M – De-risking Phase II.
• Phase II – Operation Phase – Duration 2021 (10 year) – Target FRS 2021 January – Target ROI 2x – 3x. OPEX ~$132M USD
• Phase III – IPO offering public percentage of Common shares – 2020 /2021

Our Biggest Advantage is our Management Team with more than 150 years of combined experience in different national and international sectors of Mining, Finance, and Investment Business.

NI 43-101 Report for the Nevada Claim

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